In a conversation with the game's director D2R Items, he stated that the original Diablo Rogue was a starting base from which they could further extend the character class in Diablo IV.

"So it's the idea being that the Rogue is godmother is a good one, I would guess, in the case of all Dexterity associated classes that are found in the RPGs" explained the player. "What do I mean by that is that you could add all those elements to the class we liked from The Assassin or The Demon Hunter. In the case of Diablo IV, of course we're going to take it beyond the D1 class.

we're saying The Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, is one of the groups you'll come across, the remains of them because it's an organization that was destroyed and then lost in the course of time however, maybe players can find out what they've been up to. It's not the only one. There are any of the other cutthroats you'll find all over all over the world. You can learn from any of them. We've managed to effectively treat the class as a very root fantasy to begin with and then add all the ideas we've wanted to incorporate in an Dexterity -based class."

As a Rogue In addition, you may temporarily add elemental properties (frost, shadow, and poison) to your attack in what's known as the "imbue" system. Imbuing applies to all the Rogues techniques and attacks and abilities. It can also work conjunction with other players. As an example, frost damage eventually freezes opponents, and Rogues who impregn frost are able to buy diablo II resurrected items be frozen faster when a Sorcerer's blizzard spells.