The lamp belt must be familiar to everyone. It is named after the light belt when it emits light. It is widely used in the field of lighting or decoration. Before, I sorted out the related knowledge about LED soft light belt. This time, I will talk about his good brother - what is corn row led light. 8 pieces of hard knowledge to make you more understanding of hard light strips.

1, LED light strip can be divided into flexible LED light strip and what is corn row led light two kinds, the difference is that what is corn row led light with PCB board assembly circuit board, can not bend freely; Flexible LED light strips are assembled with FPC with a softer texture. The LED soft light strips are packaged in transparent plastic and can be bent.

2, hard light strip linear better, more convenient fixed, installation more worry. Suitable for use in more spacious space, can show better light consistency.

3. The voltage used by hard lamp strips can be divided into two kinds, one is the general voltage and the other is the driving voltage. Universal voltage is high voltage, driving voltage is 24V, high safety and reliability.

4, relative to soft light belt, hard light strip using aluminum material, better heat dissipation, more power.

5, what is corn row led light can be single unit maintenance, that is, one broken will not affect the others.

6. Hard light strips are used for auxiliary lighting of showcase Windows, such as jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, store decoration lighting, advertising light box lighting and hotel, guesthouse, decorative lighting, etc.

7, you can choose different color temperature according to the lighting environment, such as: warm white light (2700-3500k) color temperature suitable for gold lighting; Natural white light (4000k) suitable for gems, jadeite, jade lighting.

8, what is corn row led light installation, generally placed in the lamp slot, pendulum straight can also be used, magnet installation, installation buckle, 45° installation buckle, rotary installation bracket and other ways.

what is corn row led light