We've played with Kulusevski's base card (it was FIFA 23 Coins first introduced in our initial Premier League team), but not the SBC version. Yes, the card can be long, which makes it more useful than similar cards in the past. However, we've discovered that wingers who have bursty speed is still the best. Longer is more suitable for wingbacks and fullbacks.

Fortunately, the number nine position is fairly straightforward and Vlahovi? as the most obvious option. Also, Di Maria is the best right-winger in the club, however things become a bit more complicated on the other side. 

Although Kosti? is rated slightly higher, it should not begin Federico Chiesa in the left wing berth, which would force players to shift Kosti? to the left of midfield three , alongside Paul Pogba and just ahead of Locatelli.

In the most recent installment of Inside City the cameras provide you with the inside scoop on a unforgettable and exciting few days in the bar.

We will be watching the team returning to the CFA following the international break as well being informed on the most recent player appearance day that included Kyle Walker engrossed in a humorous FIFA 23 rating debate.

Our cameras follow the players throughout what was an unforgettable day at the derby, from their preparations prior to the game, Etihad arrival through to highlights of the game as well as buying FUT 23 Coins the post-match celebrations following our incredible victory of 6-3.