As we all know, the upcoming MMO New World of Amazon Games will be officially released on September 28 in a few weeks. But according to Amazon Game Studio Director Richard Lawrence, at some New World Coins point in the future, Amazon's Luna cloud gaming service may offer New World.

Lawrence said that he is quite confident that at some point players will also see New World on Luna. Since Luna is available on many different devices, including Chromebooks and Amazon Fire tablets as of Thursday, this may significantly increase the number of potential players. But Lawrence has not promised to release Luna's timetable, because it sounds like some obstacles need to be overcome before that.

Nevertheless, having New World on Luna may be a pillar game that attracts new subscribers. Currently, Luna allows players to play many games that are also available on other platforms and consoles, but New World may be an excellent game that may not be available on any other cloud gaming service.

Streaming New World on Luna will also be an impressive display of Amazon's AWS cloud infrastructure, which is the backbone of MMO and cloud gaming services. Amazon seems to want to find a way to Buy New World Coins use its own games to promote its own cloud gaming services, which run on its own infrastructure.

We are currently unable to determine if or when New World will be available on Luna. But in the short term, if players are interested in New World, players can look forward to viewing it on PC after the official release on September 28. If players want to get better performance in the game, they can visit NewWorldCoins now to buy cheap New World Coins to prepare for the game in advance.