Harrison had Madden 23 coins an offseason procedure

Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith underwent treatment on his left arm during the offseason as reported by Matt Vensel of the Star Tribune. It's not clear what the procedure entailed but it has to do with the ring and pinky fingers on his left hand. Smith described the procedure as minorand is expected to be without a splint near future. That's right, it won't keep him out of offseason activities.

This is fantastic considering that Smith is now one of the best safeties in the league. With at least three times in this league he's in the position of being eligible for a contract extension, as noted in the report. Smith states that he would like to stay with the Vikings, but there likely not enough urgency to get a deal executed immediately.

Rich Eisen sets new personal best in his 40-yard race

There are two basic rules every an year during the Madden NFL 23 Scouting Combine. Madden NFL 23 hopefuls will perform extremely athletic activities and Rich Eisen will wear a pair of football cleats in the suit and attempt the 40-yard sprint. Eisen returned to the track on Tuesday the 10th anniversary of his first year running the 40. He ran in at 6.00 on his initial attempt. On his second attempt Eisen ran "history" with the score of 5.98. sneaking under the 6-second mark.The third phase are the OTAs which are organized team activities organized by teams. Teams can participate in three OTAs per week for two weeks, then they are allowed to have a fourth week madden 23 coins buy in the final week, which is 10 total. The team is also allowed to increase their hours from four to six hours per day.