The artistic direction of Diablo 4 Gold, which leans heavily on the influence of the medieval as well as Old Masters paintings, applies to the creation of characters as well. There are many choices for hairstyles with green hues as well as vibrant body paints, custom character designs in Diablo 4 look grounded and real, not as if they've come from the show Monster Factory, or out of the Saints Row cutscene.

There are many hair tones and colors as well as, in the demo version we played over the weekend, there were four female and four masculine characters were included in each class. (The game doesn't appear to use gender-specific descriptors for the characters, as it's worth.) The build also included 10 hairstyles that were unisex that included pixie cuts with close-cropped edges and long flowing ponytails. tied-up dreadlocks and natural, tight curls. In addition, there's a number of pieces of jewelry. It's a lot.Makeup and body paints are appropriate for the season, and , again, are unisex. If you're looking for a dark eyeshadow to match your Barbarian man, then go for it. It's pretty. If you're looking for some Smeary Corpse Paint to paint your Necro it's also available.

What players don't have is a variety of body types, at the very least for each class. The Barbarian is a hefty and muscular for their position in Diablo 4's five classes. The class of Sorcerer/Sorceress looks sturdy enough to carry books and wands, however they're not as muscular and athletic like the Rogue.

The body type, as it appears, is linked to class roles as an element of game's fantasies according to Rod Fergusson, executive producer and director of the Diablo franchise at Blizzard Entertainment.

"Body type is something that we think of as part of the fantasy of the class," Fergusson said in an interview at a roundtable, stating that the creator created the characters of a "'dad body' Druid and an emaciated Necromancer" for the purpose of. "Those are the elements that makes the classin certain ways, and so the idea of having a dad-bod Necro or an obese Druid did not really fit into the fantasy of the class.

"We were looking to offer the most variety possible in terms of havingan abundance of races, hair types and Diablo IV Gold markings as well as eye colors, however there were some things that defined the class as a class that it is today, and for Diablo 4 it was body type."