After 50 years in the business, Blahnik knows how to read his customers; he hopes that in the new store they'll discover a certain part of my personality that they don't know. Exclusive to the Madison Avenue space will be a small capsule collection, called 717, that is sure to count among the city's chicest souvenirs. The designer plans the same kind of program for his London boutique.

Opt for a flat option, and you won't miss your flip-flops one bit. And yet, they have seared their memory into my mind. Emphasis is usually placed on finding the perfect dress, but every detail of the bride's look matters, from her bouquet to her shoes to-the reason why we're here-her bridal earrings.

His bride wears another Hurel fil coupe organza, this one in white and matte silver, with Chantilly lace accents. The most beautiful part of couture is the relationship between client and designer, Mai says. That's why I want the heart of the collection to be these special made-to-order pieces.

The year was 2011, and everyone couldn't stop talking about one thing on the Golden Globes red carpet: Helena Bonham Carter's mismatched shoes. The British actor hit the step and repeat in a shapely Vivienne Westwood frock with a pink satin pump on one foot, and a green satin pump on the other. E!'s Fashion Police dubbed the clashing footwear a fashion fail.

When we were living in Jordan and Romania, I didn't have a lot of fashion exposure, so my Golden Goose Outlet main style icon was my mom. She was always elegant and passionate about style. I would watch her do her makeup, and like all little girls, I loved dressing up in her clothes.