Amazon is constantly trying to improve the state of New World, and the PTR is now home to an upcoming weapon called the Void Gauntlet.Recycling assets is often done in the industry of video games in order to save precious development time and focus on more pressing matters before releasing a new product. New World is no exception, but Amazon is trying to remedy this by adding more varied enemy types to the game in future patches, and especially so in the early parts of the game where it's crucial to remain engaged. 

The Void Gauntlet is New World’s first-ever Intellect and Focus scaling weapon. The weapon uses a mixture of support skills that help to buff allies, while the weapon can spec into Intellect to do damage. The first tree is the Annihilation tree, which turns the Void Gauntlet into a purple energy sword as if it was pulled straight from the Halo franchise. On the other hand, you can use the power of the void to support allies, granting them powerful buffs in the Decaying tree.

As a result of the Void Gauntlet’s therapeutic perks all scale with Focus alone, it does make sense to not less than construct characters in a approach that enables gamers to have a complete of 150 factors into Focus and as much as 300 for optimum effectivity. By making Focus one of many main attributes in builds utilizing the Void Gauntlet, gamers inherently have an unbelievable choice to heal themselves that is not recurring to the Life Staff, which is nearly purely centered on therapeutic oneself and others. 

The New World Void Gauntlet is getting its own legendary quest. Every weapon has a legendary quest chain, requiring you to grind to acquire a purple quality 580 Gear Score weapon. The Void Gauntlet is going to join in on the fun, although the way you unlock it is slightly different. The legendary quest kicks off in Reekwater, and you’ll need to speak to Antiquarian Abbington to start the quest. Note, you need to complete Magaki’s Stratagem in Shattered Mountain and Legatus Fulvius’ quest before you can start the Void Gauntlet legendary quest. is the most secure and reliable online platform to sell New World Coins to buyers.