New Jordan 2020, Since its debut in 1982, Bruce Kilgore's Nike Air Force 1 has done a lot. As its 40th anniversary day draws closer, the model has already appeared in some of the most discordant styles, and one of the newly emerging all-black experimental variants is the latest example. Air Force 1 Experimental is an update to the basketball classic, and it quickly made a statement with its fascinating design. Appearing to be covered by randomly pasted industrial tape, this model is characterized by the vamp full of creases and unrefined edges. Silhouette swooshes, toe boxes and other components of the 39-year-old silhouette are almost indistinguishable. Instead, non-traditional lace buckles, exposed foam tongues, pull tabs on the heel, and labels under the heel became the focus. The latest N.354 proposal maintains a dark color palette, but some of the above details are addicted to different shades of green. However, none of them have the "luminous" finish found on the outsole.
2020 Cheap Jordans, Although they may currently limit the online sales of Air Force 1, Nike has not stopped further adjusting its profile. Here, it uses many luxurious elements, which are gathered on the bright pink color. Unlike smaller parts, the base structure is very simple. Tumbled leather makes up most of the upper, and each panel is shaded in pink like the lining, midsole, and adjacent furry laces. More interestingly, Swoosh uses a silver metal finish, with the same special velvet-covered heel label. But the latter is certainly not comparable to the additional tongue, with its detachable base covered in faux fur, providing the brightest example of focal tone.
It can be said that there is no more recognizable sneaker than the Nike Air Force 1. However, the brand did not rest on its laurels, but continued to modify and reimagine Bruce Kilgore's 1982 design, whether for functionality or fashion (or both). This new look, which has been launched in Asia, has a quilted lining, which is perfect for cold weather. The fluffy suede fabric covers the forefoot and heel panels, and the midsole cushion is made of contrasting nylon. In addition to the different textures, the structure of the Air Force 1 is also different in color, with different shades of gray colliding with light and cool blue. The different arrangements extend to the sole unit, which introduces new tones and patterns: the midsole chose a "dirty" look directly below the neon green stitching, while the one designed for basketball uppers favored a rich purple makeup.