The consistent style of the product, after natural aging, perfectly reproduces the original tobacco aroma, the aroma is mellow and natural, full, and the taste is delicate and soft. Using many of the latest technologies in the industry, combined with excellent smoke making technology, effectively reduce harmful substances and impurities in the flue gas. High-tech materials such as beam paper, laser aluminum foil and pull cords, the overall packaging is refreshing. The harmonious combination of white and aquamarine shows the noble quality of the high-end products. From the design point of view, it is fully in line with its market positioning. Pure yellow filter The design shows the king's domineering yellow, I like this simple and atmospheric design. The smell of smoke is also very outstanding. The smell of smoke contains a faint herbal fragrance, which highlights the fresh breath of medicinal-flavored smoke. Its smell is mellow, the smoke is delicate, the smoke is rich and full, the ash holding is also very good, the aftertaste is pure and comfortable, which makes the taster endless aftertaste. It contains the unique flavor of cigarettes, with the king of prairie smoke, many male smokers highly respect it, and its strength is also very powerful. It is a good cigarette worth tasting and collecting. While the design inherits the elements, it is accompanied by a bright and eye-catching diamond logo, combined with black core bottom laser stick paper and the world's most advanced environmentally friendly snowflake ink, and carefully printed. The appearance is grand and stylish, with a unique high-end leather texture, and the texture is noble. It can be called a model of cigarettes. The exquisite packaging makes people like it. The quality is extraordinary, absolutely good cigarettes, with connotation and quality, cigarettes The design is also very personal and playful. The diamond cut pattern on the cigarette holder looks very unique Marlboro Gold. The elegance reveals a low-key yet noble atmosphere. The outer packaging adopts pure blue background hot stamping and printing technology, supplemented by the most popular beam of light laser cardboard packaging, temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology, blue and gold matching, the overall color matching is very harmonious, giving people a beautiful and noble look. The inner lining paper is made of golden aluminum foil paper, which is carefully packaged with fine embossing technology, showing the noble and elegant atmosphere. The design of cigarettes is simple, yet exquisite. It is very competitive in the same class of cigarettes. It highlights the delicate fragrance and the original fragrance. Many smokers love it very much. Its coke content is moderate and the satisfaction is also very good. It is a typical popular ration cigarette with super fire Marlboro Red.
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