AA: How does Art Mavens PRO function?

 Employers can use LH to list their jobs: It's free to list positions on Art Mavens. The freelancer lists their skills. The prospective employer enters their budget.

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 They have to come up with a plan for the project. Then, our algorithms will be able to match the requirements of the project.

 Employers appreciate that every candidate on the platform is screened and vetted.

 We believe that this platform will be beneficial to employers seeking to fill short-term art projects, regardless of whether they're looking for installers or technicians or collection

 Managers and those who require help in managing an art fair booth. Galeries may also need extra assistance due to the dramatic shift to digital.

 Digital marketing, image manipulation as well as social media marketing strategies are just some of the many options.

 Art Mavens currently has no annual charges. It's free to list and use the service as an employer with a 2% fee once the job is agreed. Two options are available for freelancers:

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 10% commission on any roles they complete.