It is common for people to experience some accidents. However, there are some general rules to observe when taking care of an artwork that has suffered any damage. dailytravelstudy daily travel study Website daily travel study com travelly travel ly Website travel ly us 

 There are a variety of damage from minor scrapes to massive tearing. Artwork Archive reached out to Andrei Givotovsky, proprietor of Art Restoration NYC (and the restorer).

 who helped David Paul Kay bring his painting back to life), to learn more about the restoration process and what to do when your painting damaged.

 Note the damage. Document it again.

 You will need to take extensive photos of the damage and then write down the way in which the damage took place with the most detail you can, in writing. A database like

 Artwork Archive helps you keep all documents related to it including photos of damage, in order.

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 Overview of the whole artifact's story.