organisations to connect, collaborate and exchange information. It is the leading freelance marketplace for art professionals, and an app for communities that connects art

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 Louise has more than a decade of experience in the field of art, with a special concentration on art trade and business. She

 worked for 14 years at The Art Newspaper, the leading print and online publication. She was the co-founder of Art Business, following her time at The Art Newspaper.

 Conference in 2014, which held industry-related events held in New York, London, and Shanghai. Art conferences were held in the aftermath of the pandemic.

 Mavens was established to bring people together on the internet, with no any live events. It also aims to to create a new hybrid method of interaction.


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 The Art Mavens? And why did you feel the art world required such a platform?

 LH Art Mavens Pro: As an answer to the pandemic, and to a change in work patterns, Art Mavens Pro was the first platform dedicated to art professionals seeking freelance work.