Consolidate communications

 Contact groups let you connect different contacts within your network and send personalized messages to them. smartphonetutor smart phone tutor Website smart phone tutor com techtradersystem tech trader system Website tech trader system com oursnetwork 

 Let's say that the philanthropist whom you met was one of your most frequent donors. You can group her in the same way as this. It is possible to include this contact, as an instance.

 You can offer your entire group special deals to build the bonds of friendship through joining a group dubbed VIP Donors.

 It is easier to work with you design an exhibition in conjunction with the artists participating who are participating in the show at the same time and adding more.

 Notifications to contact artists regarding deadlines for shipping and loan arrangements or other special events such as openings or talks.

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 Find quickly the most important details

 If you give a gift it is automatically recorded by the system the person who donated and classifies them as an "Donor" within your account. This lets you sort through