Make relationship management easier. Create a profile for your contact to ensure that you keep a detailed record-never lose sight of any contact. helpsinsurance helps insurance Website helps insurance com rightsinsurance rights insurance Website rights insurance com 

 See what gifts your donors have given previously and at what time. Did you forget to share the donor prospectus? See when you last shared a report,

 You can also share your Patron's Private Room or document. Keep track of the last communication. Keep track of important dates such as membership renewals and anniversaries.


Cultivate supporters into future donors

 Are you tracking supporters that haven't donated yet? These relationships are crucial to manage. Collect contact details from your event's

 Attendees, whether in person or online. Artwork Archive can save these contacts to allow you group them into affinity groups.

 Manage your volunteers with Contacts, a tool for managing volunteers. Keep track of the contact information, keep an eye on their availability and interests and then schedule them.


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 Reducing donor attrition

 You can set reminders to ensure that you stay in touch with your supporters. Keep track of important information that can keep donors engaged, such as their past and current interests.