The CRM will record this action in the contact’s record. This lets you quickly review and verify what information they received and when. explorerloan explorer loan Website explorer loan com allaroundloan all around loan Website all around loan com 

 You can set reminders from the CRM tool directly to a person's contact record. This is useful if the prospective donor mentions that they

 If you would want to invite an artist to a lecture, you can create an instant reminder that reminds you to contact them in the appropriate date and time. You can also invite them to the lecture.

 A personal message.

 This feature is useful for managing collections throughout the year, such as reminders of following-up with appraisers, conservators or insurance brokers.


 How can you make use of Artwork Archive's CRM system to manage relationships

 You are most likely busy with artists as an arts institution. There is a lot of information you need to keep track of to track your artist's contact information and bio.

 Artist statement, work on loan, demographics and More

 If you're coordinating an open call for entries or temporary/traveling exhibition will have the artist's contact information on hand to use for internal communications and marketing

 efforts like press releases. You'll also be able to stay on top of artist-related tasks by creating reminders on the artist record. Keep track of the time when an artist is absent.

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 off or picking up their artwork, or when their consignment agreement has been paid.