Grinding Gear Games announced the upcoming year-end celebration of Path of Exile. There are a lot of new content worth looking forward to, and the developers have provided some unique ways of playing ordinary POE games, which also makes players want to buy POE Currency to take part. There are six unique events to look forward to in December this year, each of which provides a completely different perspective on the game.

Some are the coolest adopting existing mechanisms, while others are completely new. In every 10-day event, as long as they reach level 50 during the event period, players will be eligible for the Atlantis Mystery Box-merry Christmas Moreso, and the top players at the Ascendencey level will receive Demigod’s Authority. If players want to get rewards, they’d better prepare some POE Orbs to improve their strength quickly. Here are two events that players can learn about.

Endless Delve. Path of Exile Endless Delve allows players to go deep into Azurite Mine. The twist of gameplay is that players will not complete the game through all traditional behaviors. Instead, they will travel through endless mines, upgrade and find new experiences around the cliffs, ledges, and dark spaces of each cave. This is a return to the game mode, similar to the old version called PoE Endless Delve. The game may differ slightly from what players expected, and according to Reddit users, each class that comes with the game mode has unique features of Endless Delve.

Zizarian’s Gauntlet. Zizarian is one of the most popular streamers in the Path of Exile community. Streamer runs his own game called Zizarian Gauntlet, which is a monster killing event. This time, players can look forward to powerful monsters, which will bring amazing challenges to players. Players can accumulate points by killing as many monsters and bosses as possible. If players want to kill monsters easily and get more rewards, they need to buy POE Currency to get some powerful equipment and strengthen themselves.

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