Two 86-level versions of Everton Sousa Soares from Benfica have been added to the target menu of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

He will be part of the Versus promotion and will also provide two permanent upgrades with fire or ice themes for selected FUT 22 Coins players. If the player completes this goal, they can choose between the Versus Fire or Versus Ice version of Everton.

Moreover, each card will be upgraded with different skills according to the version. If you compare this card with Everton's level 80 gold version of the card, you will find that all his skills have gained +6 improvement, but The Versus Fire version mainly focused on his passing, while the Versus Ice mainly upgraded his shot.

Both versions have four-star skill moves and three-star weak feet. If you apply hawkish chemical style on both versions, his shooting, speed and dribbling skills will be improved.

All the goals against Versus Everton can be completed in Live FUT Friendly: Renowned Rivals mode. They have four goals in total, and only one of them needs you to win the game.

If you complete the goal, you can get a rare player pack with a 75+ rating, or a gold pack, two player packs and a small electronic player pack. In addition, you must complete all four goals and get the card before 12 noon next Friday, December 17, U.S. Central Time.

The following are the four goals you need to complete. After completing them, you can get one of the Everton Soares Versus versions.

To complete the Goal Glut, you will have to score 15 goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Renowned Rivals with a full lineup of players from Brazil. If it is to complete the Smart Setup, a complete team from Brazil needs to pass through the Live FUT Friendly: Renowned Rivals to assist three goals in the Live FUT Friendly: Renowned Rivals. In addition, if you want to complete the Scoring Star, you need to score points in the famous 8 independent matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Renowned Rivals with all players from Brazil. Finally, if you want to complete the Brazilian Bravado, you need to win four games with a team from Brazil in the Live FUT Friendly: Renowned Rivals.

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