One of the very satisfying things in Elder Scrolls Online is purchasing a house. The housing system may be frustrating in the real world, but so long as you have enough gold or crowns in ESO, you can own a house.

You may then furnish it nevertheless, you wish, spend time with your friends, or just take gorgeous pictures from it to share on the web. Whatever your reason or purpose, it’s increasingly simple to own a house in ZeniMax’s MMO.

These houses can all be purchased in Elder Scrolls Online. Housing in ESO is much more than simply being able to have a location to call home; you can teleport into it from anywhere without worrying about gold costs or penalties.

If you ever seem like going home, you can just transport yourself there. This information could alternation in the future, until then, these are the least expensive housing options hanging around.

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The less expensive houses in Elder Scrolls Online

3) Captain Margaux’s Place (Glenumbra)

Captain Margaux’s Place is genuinely among my favorite houses in Elder Scrolls Online.

Available in Glenumbra (Daggerfall), it’s a house that can be purchased in an urban area that many individuals are familiar with as Elder Scrolls fans. It has no courtyard, such as the above houses, however, it does have a sizable fireplace and attractive, large windows.

What makes this house so excellent, apart from its price, is the fact that it’s near to all of the amenities a person would need while playing Elder Scrolls Online.

Whether you’re an associate of the Daggerfall Covenant or just want to craft without going too much from home, Captain Margaux’s place is a superb pick.

2) Autumn’s-Gate (The Rift)

Most of those houses simply need you to complete the Room to Spare quest, but unlocking Autumn’s-Gate differs.

This Elder Scrolls Online home, situated in Ragged Hills in The Rift, requires you to unlock the Wormsquasher achievement and also the quest A Friend In Need.

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This means you have to complete Shattered Hopes within the Ragged Hills region. This is a requirement if you wish to spend gold on it.

A simple but attractive wooden house, it's one large room along with a courtyard within the front of the house. It’s a spartan home, however, it’s certainly a visually appealing one, also it sits inside a nice location, north of Nimalten.

1) Hall from the Lunar Champion (Rimmen)

Have you desired to live inside a massive stone temple in Elder Scrolls Online? You can, and also you don’t even need to spend money on it! You can find this incredible home in Rimmen, in Northern Elseweyr, Tenmar Borderlands.

It’s also close to the Rimmen Palace. This massive home has three unlockable sections, which need you to complete content in the Season from the Dragon.

The manor itself requires you to complete the quest Two Queens, which also unlocks the "Behold the Lunar Champion" tablet. There are other tablets you can unlock with this house by completing other achievements and content.

While it will require some work to understand this, you're rewarded with having a huge stone temple and don’t need to spend a dime on it. That makes it worthwhile in and of itself, even while the Necrom chapter is coming.