The term 'workplace' used to refer to a place of business and/or workplace, is also known as an office, business office, or company office. Workplaces were traditionally very plain, consisting of desks, tables, chairs, and perhaps a telephone. Today, workplaces can be much more than this.

For instance, a modern workplace may be something like this:

It consists of an open floor commercial painter and decorator plan and a central kitchen area with a coffee maker, microwave oven, refrigerator and sink, and other facilities. The entire floor space would be open to common areas, but not to private offices. A receptionist or receptionist desk can be in the lobby area.

The lobby area and public areas in the center of the building contain sofas and lounge chairs and provide a comfortable atmosphere for the employees.

The main area of the office is called the work zone, which could be partitioned with large windows, so that employees can see out into the work space beyond.

Modern workplaces encourage collaboration by providing a central location for meals, coffee, printers, and computers.

In addition to the traditional work zone, a modern workplace offers an area where employees can work individually. In other words, you could work in a private office or cubicle, or even at a table if that is more convenient for you.