Ahead of the Season 3 update, Blizzard showed off a balance update for WOW TBC Classic PvP.

The next content phase is expected to begin later this month, with the next PvP season, Season Three, starting on January 18. Players can expect some major PvP updates with the arrival of the new WOW TBC Gold season, especially in Arena matches.

If we go back to Season 2 and analyze the queuing data, we'll find that some queues are longer than we'd like to see. Blizzard made a post on the official World of Warcraft forum earlier. In the post, they stated that in response to the lengthy queue times across the board during the PvP season on TBC Classic, Blizzard is expanding the reach of players when searching for matches. This means that players will face more teams when they queue up to play in the future, which should theoretically speed up the matchmaking process as well.

Additionally, Blizzard clarified that teams with similar ranks and the same queue will be matched first.

Also, some items will be changed in the PVP scenario of Season 3, with one item being nerfed and the other five being subject to a blanket ban from Arena matches. The Mage's exclusive accessory, the Mind Acceleration Gem, will only provide 100 haste, a sharp drop from the previous 330.

Additionally, items such as the Nigh-Invulnerability Belt will no longer be equipped in Arena matches in Season 3. Each of these items contains a significant hit or use effect, so Blizzard thought they could be removed.

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