Virtually she collected documents from staff and attached the files to object records. deluxe-interior Website deluxe interior 

By graduation she had completed the inventory project–leaving the Supreme Court of Ohio with a robust database complete with images, details and documents...and a great recommendation.


Keep your team connected with these tools firstdesignmarketing first design marketing Website

In addition to an online art collection management system like Artwork Archive, there are other tools to add to your virtual workplace toolkit. 


We’ve seen museums use video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. fitness-weekly fitness weekly 

Slack is an excellent communication platform for team chats or direct messages. To keep projects on task, you can use apps like Asana, Trello or


If you’re looking to provide customer support on your website, look to applications like Intercom or Zendesk.

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DocuSign is an excellent way to capture electronic signatures. Expensify is for reimbursement management.


And to get the creative juices flowing, check out Whimsical for flowcharts and mind maps. 

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Virtual can be a challenge for particular disabilities. Create access with Rev or Caption Access, a service that offers captions and Video Remote ASL interpretation via Zoom.