Upload files to My Docs

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Artwork Archive has built a new library for collectors and organizations to upload, store and share all of the documents related to their entire art collection.


These files may include insurance documentation, estate documents, appraisals for your complete inventory, press and correspondences. 

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Many of the features we ship are inspired by customer feedback – our latest releases are no exception. Thank you to our Artwork Archive members for helping us build the best art collection management platform. 


What's the Best Way to Get Started with Artwork Archive?

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Inventorying, marketing, creating sales reports and invoices, managing exhibition entries—there are so many facets to an art career.


That's why Artwork Archive makes organizing art and breaking down the essential business elements of your art career easy so that you can focus on your artwork instead of all the details. 


With so much going on in your art practice and in your art business, you need a system that will support your art career goals.

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Here are a few ways to get started on Artwork Archive and how you can benefit from an inventory platform. 


Artwork Archive streamlines your business files and art images. 

Are your files scattered between your desktop, hard drives, external drives and even on paper or slides? 


Artwork Archive makes it easy to keep all of your files in one place so that you don't waste time searching for files or information about your artworks.  

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If you’ve been putting off updating your inventory, Artwork Archive helps you to easily take charge and organize your artwork.


Inventorying benefits you in the immediate present and also helps you to keep establishing your art career and build your artist legacy.