The Belfry Zakara Rusted Key is an area item in Diablo 4 that can only be found in the Belfry Zakara Dungeon and is the key to completing the dungeon. However, many players don't even notice when they got it, nor what it's for. This guide will show how to find the Rusted Key, and how it works.

How to Find the Belfry Zakara Rusted Key

You first head to the Belfry Zakara dungeon near the coast of the Rotspill Delta area in Hawezar. This may take some time to walk, and if you haven't been there, I recommend starting at the Margrave waypoint in Dobrev Taiga in the Fractured Peaks.

Once there, you must find and destroy the two Drowned Bells which are guarded by a lot of enemies. You need to take out waves of enemies and some pesky elites.

After that, you need to focus on heading to the Salt Scarred Marbles and killing the Anchorbound Chaplain. Watch out for its three powerful buffs, it can trap you with dangerous Hellbinders. After defeating it, the key and a ton of other Diablo 4 Items will drop together.

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Often players will stockpile them all together without noticing that they have acquired the Rusted Key. Therefore, we also recommend that players regularly check their inventories and sell unwanted items in exchange for D4 Gold.

How to Use the Belfry Zakara Rusted Key

The Rusted key is used to open the locked door at the end of the dungeon. Inside is the last boss of the dungeon, Drowned Seahag. We suggest that before dealing with the final boss, you'd better use gold to repair your gear, which is very helpful in the later game.

As you fight Seahag, be wary of the minions he summons who help you gain control over the battle. Also, be nimble and watch out for the danger zones it creates on the ground that will slow down your movement.

After defeating the final boss, you will grant some loot and complete the dungeon.