The Lost Ark release date is just over a dozen days away, and before the MMORPG hits the west, the development team has announced a series of upcoming changes, including three new areas that will be added to the game, and these It is not possible to experience it in closed beta.

The first is the Yorn region of Arkesia, where you will find the home of the Umar race. The Umar people are artisans known for their handicrafts, and there will be a variety of intricate buildings in the area, as well as new Chaos dungeons, bosses, and quests waiting for players to discover.

The second is the continent of Feiton, a land that was poisoned in a previous conflict called the Chain War, and continues to do so. It is inhabited by a half-human, half-demon, people call it the Delains, and a powerful Assassin group called Avesta is "carefully controlling" it.

The last one is Punika. It's a tropical and magical place, with a lot to explore and experience, as well as a variety of festivals hosted by its beautiful residents. There is a place called Nia Village there, with colorful sandy beaches everywhere, it is a good place for vacation.

In addition to this, the battle level cap will be raised to level 60 after the official launch, and more game content will appear some time after launch.

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