Posting a new deep dive on YouTube Madden 22 coins company unveiled several options that will be included in the team management portion of the game's upcoming sports. The preview is five minutes long and features Madden NFL 22's new talent tree, the new Scouting system, franchise staff feature along with other features.

The video starts by highlighting the new changes that the franchise's staffing system will bring. The company claims it will allow players the capability to handle everything from the front office down to the field. They will be able to recruit new staff and then educate them, with their employees having access to an updated talent tree, which can be utilized to enhance their team's skills and better make their players fit the specific style of play. Head coaches, coordinators and player personnel will all be on the market for hire. Managers will be able to improve their staff by collecting "staff points" which are earned by the achievement of weekly goals. The entire process will be accessible via a brand new franchise hub that comes with a lot of quality-of-life updates and additions.

In addition, a revamped the scouting feature will be making its way into the game as post-launch content, with EA declaring that it will be available as a "live-service update" in September. The updated system will let players find new talent through national as well as regional Scouts and regional scouts, with EA affirming that the system is considerably more comprehensive than it was originally. To create a more realistic game prospects will also be moved from one roster throughout the year in line with their performance.

EA calls the weekly strategy feature to be the basis of Madden NFL 22 Franchise Mode. The system is said to allow players to review data and make informed decisions about how to manage their team. They will have an opportunity to assess the strengths of their opponents, monitor fatigue levels, analyze performance, and so on.

Additionally, EA details the enhanced season engine, which was teased briefly in Madden NFL 22's most recent trailer. The enhanced season engine is expected to offer 50 scenarios which will simulate real NFL managers who have to make difficult decisions. The company gave an example in which a manager faces difficult challenges while coordinating with an aspiring wide receiver. If they are able to get over mut coins madden 22 difficulties, they'll have the potential to turn them into a rising star, adding another major name to their roster.