Her passing is perhaps her most valuable contribution, however in the sense that while Blue River boasts in shooting it's not able to Madden 22 coins do in the area of guard playmaking. Chamberlin's 3.2 assists per game average last year has grown to 4.3 per game as of this season, and the security she draws helps Madden as well as the players on the team succeed.

"We've definitely grown closer than when she first came. She was shy at first however now she and her have a laugh. We know each other on the court," Madden said. "My sophomore year, we did not have an (knockdown) shooter and the only strategy they employed to stop us was defend me from the post. This is how we lost in semi-state. The presence of Maci around helps a lot."

"It gives us an inside-out punch," Bales said. "Her running is fantastic ... she sees the floor with such clarity and she's incredibly selfless."

The halfcourt offense runs through Madden. Bales aim to ensure that the ball is delivered to her down low so she can either score or kick-out shooters when the defense breaks down. Madden has been doing lots of quick passes due to this which has produced an impressive career-high 2.5 assists per game so far.

"I like (the increased responsability)," Madden said. "I realize that there are times when I'm in a position to get the team up and running and that's why I like when we can make the ball move quickly and have me on the field, it could give us more motivation."

Madden's offensive accomplice is Chamberlin who's perimeter skill set is in perfect harmony with Madden's inside presence. Even though Chamberlin has had trouble shooting the ball this year, she averaged 15.9 points for each game last season. taking 45% of mut 22 coins ps4 total shots and 72 triples at a 41% clip.