The currency system in Lost Ark is very large and can be divided into three categories: main currencies, Shop Coins and Side Currencies. And Shards Currency is included in Side Currencies. The most representative ones are Shards of Harmony, Shards of life and Shards of Honor, which play a great role in their respective aspects. Players who want to know more can follow IGGM.

Shards of Harmony
Shards of Harmony is one of Lost Ark’s premium currencies. Players can use them to improve their equipment. Shards of Harmony are available in varying numbers when they successfully dismantle their gear in Chaos Dungeons. It’s also a reward for Una’s daily quests, and there are ways to get Shards of Harmony in Tower of Infinity or other high-level content.

Shards of life
Shards of life is also part of the Lost Ark premium currency. Once the experience bar associated with Shards of Harmony is filled, players can improve equipment, which can only be filled from Tier 2 using these shards. Shards of life are got in the same way as Shards of Harmony.

Shards of Honor
Shards of Honor and the first two are premium currencies. once with Shards of life related experience bars are filled, they are used to improve your equipment with experience bars, and only with these shards can they be filled from Tier 3. Shards of Honor can be got in the same way as the above two shards.

Maybe players will be a little confused when they see these three Lost Ark Shards. But don’t think that all three of them are the same, but a progressive relationship. If players discover these three types of shards on future expeditions, they can collect them as a backup. Now that Lost Ark is fully available, buying Lost Ark Currency at IGGM and reading the helpful guide will speed up the process if any players want to pursue some achievements faster.