Barrows items are dropped, on average, 1:15 iirc. The sizes of these items vary from 50K to 1.7M in the present. A lot of them cheap runescape gold are at 1M, and even below, few are above 1M. Also, let's say 1M per 15 minutes - this is a good estimate for runes as well as other things in addition to. Barrows is very affordable and you end up with lots of death and blood runes leftover if you're using Polypore (which is what you should).

Yes, you can make more money when you work with Glacors. But there are some downsides - Glacors are at a higher chance of death. In reality, it's not too difficult to survive However, Barrows appears to be an oaf in that department. tongue.png If you have a bad luck, you're not earning money.

In Barrows where the prices on average may be valued at 700k or somethingsimilar, you're making a good bit of money from runes. My most recent barrows run, I got about 6M worth in barrows equipment. I then checked my runes, and they were about 2.5M. This means you're always making profit, whereas with Glacors it is very difficult to make money until you receive some boot drops or shards to create an Armadyl Battlestaff.

You can choose, but I personally like Barrows because it's less complicated. Another gold? Really, Barrows is the sole semi-rewarding, mind-numbing activity that provides a fairly guaranteed income. I would recommend it over other stuff. If not, I'd recommend working towards completing as many quests you can.

They are in the desert, aren't they? Requiring a shanty pass? I saw a video that showed players the ability to sell noted items to an npc and also buy them back as items. Do I have something I'm missing? Are there any other suggestions?

Just made the account, took me a while as I was helping a person and earned about 5m from it. I'm going to try and transfer the money through drop trading however I'm not sure whether it will allow me. Since I don't have irl friends that play and I'm willing to try with someone online to help me xfer the funds.

1st I'll do prayer as well as a few small quests. I'm planning to use big bones because they'ren't too expensive and relatively fast xp. If there is a better choice I'd like to know. I'm going to osrs fire cape use them on an altar run by guilds that will hopefully be used on a world that is house-based. After some study my stats are likely turn out to...