An all new Rocket Pass bringing 70+ high-pace Tiers of new gadgets, and it’s headlined through the today's vehicle, R3MX. This gRocket League Prices lossy new design is unlocked immediately with Rocket Pass Premium, and the very last blend, the R3MX GXT, awaits at Tier 70. Plus, take a look at out the outlet acts: Filiformer and EQ-RL Decals, Woofer and MTRX Wheels, and the Riser and Light Show Goal Explosions. For the first time, a number of the items featured in Rocket Pass will pulse and flash to the beat of the menu and Arena music! 

A new Arena is prepared to open its gates on December nine! You can enter Neon Fields in Online Playlists and Private Matches whilst the season goes live. Check out this stunning soundstage in the trailer above!

Pick your preferred tune and blast it in the Arena whilst you rating a intention, make an Epic Save, or earn MVP honors after a fit. You’ll be able to amplify your library of Player Anthems with the aid of unlocking new songs and songs from the history of Rocket League via Challenges, Rocket Pass, and the RL Prices Item Shop!