So far, a lot of mmo fans have experienced Lost Ark. What they may not know is that when they reach level 50 and reach a Gearscore of 250, they can start exploring Chaos Dungeons. Each character can pass through them twice a day, and thus get a certain reward, which may be Lost Ark Gold, or some rare materials.

Players can earn a specific currency from dungeons, which they can exchange for various items. Their real mission is to defeat the Chaos Dungeons’ second boss, as there’s more Lost Ark Gold to win there.

How does this work? If they manage to defeat the second boss in Chaos Dungeons, there is a chance that the portal will open. If they enter this portal, they can win a lot of gold.

The amount of Lost Ark gold coins depends on two factors:
    You get more gold when the dungeon is more difficult
    A higher item level also ensures that you get more gold

So it aimed this tip more at advanced beginners, because if they hit the minimum Gearscore, they can only really get a lot of currency here.

Not only will Chaos Dungeons reward players with gold coins, but also good loot for completing The Abyssal Dungeons or daily island events. They can do these every day, except on weekends.

Some players may want to ask, how much Lost Ark Gold can they get in this way? The answer is that it is difficult to estimate. Because the rewards depend heavily on the difficulty of the content and their own Gearscore. But it’s definitely worth doing these daily quests for players.

If they feel that their current Lost Ark Gold is not enough to support their subsequent game activities, they can try the above methods, or choose a reliable third-party store to buy Lost Ark Gold, such as reputable IGGM. Buying Lost Ark Gold there is not only extremely fast delivery, but the price and service are the best and trustworthy!