Leveling up is extremely difficult in any MMO game, and it’s no different in Lost Ark. When people first get into Lost Ark and create a character, the first question they face is how to level up quickly. Because only when they reach a certain level can they start many happy activities that follow.

However, although Lost Ark is a new mmo, and the content is very fresh, for people who have tried many mmo games, most of them are not willing to spend time through the long novice period. And the long queues at Lost Ark, which made people who didn’t have a long time to play the game even more impatient. The Lost Ark Boosting Services and Power Leveling sold by IGGM is important, and interested players can pay attention to it for more help.

Or they can choose other techniques. Since most end-game systems are available to players at level 50, leveling up feels like an introduction to basic systems like monster battles, dungeons, and world bosses. While most side quests in Lost Ark do provide players with some nice extra loot, silver, and sometimes even gold, they’re not worth the effort unless you’re a completionist.

Their stories aren’t that interesting, or essential to the plot, as most side quests are either acquisition quests or “kill multiple monsters” quests. The real content of the campaign, both the story and the game mechanics, is in the main mission. If players don’t care about a bunch of question marks on the map every time they enter an area, they can go ahead and skip the side quests entirely.

However, if they want to explore side quests, they should learn how to navigate first. We can find some interesting adventures on the island of Arkesia. If players have unlocked sailing, check out the detailed ship upgrade guide written by IGGM for the freedom to sail wherever they want.

People who want to make great achievements should level up as soon as possible to avoid being left too much by others. IGGM also provides players with the cheapest Lost Ark Gold/items, and people can buy what they want according to their needs. Helpful!


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