1. Windows 10 Enterprise includes Device Guard, which uses hardware and software security features to ensure that only trusted applications run on a device, preventing unauthorized and potentially malicious software from executing.
  2. BitLocker Encryption: Protecting sensitive data is crucial, and BitLocker encryption in Windows 10 Enterprise offers robust encryption capabilities, safeguarding data both on devices and removable drives.
  3. Windows Information Protection (WIP): WIP helps businesses separate personal and organizational data, ensuring that sensitive company information remains secure even when accessed from personal devices.
  4. Advanced Management: window 10 enterprise simplifies device management with tools like Microsoft Intune and Group Policy, allowing IT administrators to configure, manage, and secure devices more efficiently.
  5. Application Virtualization: With features like App-V, Windows 10 Enterprise enables businesses to virtualize and deploy applications without the need for traditional installation, reducing compatibility issues and streamlining management.
  6. Cortana and Productivity Features: Windows 10 Enterprise integrates with Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant, to enhance productivity by providing voice commands, reminders, and assistance with tasks.
  7. Unified Update Management: Enterprises can control the update process with Windows Update for Business, ensuring that updates are deployed strategically to minimize disruptions.