An ironing board is a household tool designed to provide a flat and padded surface for ironing clothes and other fabrics. It consists of a long, narrow board with a heat-resistant and padded cover stretched over the top. The primary purpose of an ironing board is to create a safe and effective workspace for ironing, ensuring that the heat from the iron does not damage the underlying surface or pose a fire hazard.

Here are some key features and components of an ironing board:

1. Board: The flat, elongated surface of the ironing board is usually made of lightweight but sturdy materials like wood, metal, or plastic. It provides a stable platform for ironing.

2. Cover: The board is covered with a removable and replaceable cover made from heat-resistant fabric, often with padding underneath. The cover's purpose is to protect the board from the heat of the iron, preventing it from scorching or getting damaged.

3. Adjustable Height: Many ironing boards come with adjustable legs, allowing users to customize the height to their preference. Adjusting the height ensures comfortable and ergonomic ironing.

4. Folding Mechanism: Ironing boards are typically designed to fold for easy storage. This feature allows them to be compactly stored in closets or against walls when not in use.

5. Iron Rest: Some ironing boards have a built-in iron rest, a metal rack attached to one end of the board where the hot iron can safely be placed when not in use. This prevents accidents and protects surfaces from heat damage.

6. Cord Holder: Many modern ironing boards come with a cord holder or management system to keep the iron's power cord neatly organized and out of the way during use.

7. Leg Locks: For safety during storage and transportation, ironing boards often have leg locks or latches that keep the legs securely folded when not in use.

8. Vent Holes: Some ironing boards feature vent holes or perforations on the board's surface. These allow steam to escape when using a steam iron, preventing moisture from accumulating on the board.

9. Sleeve Board: Some ironing boards have a narrower, pointed extension at one end called a sleeve board. It is designed for easier ironing of shirt sleeves and other small, intricate areas.

Ironing boards are essential tools for achieving wrinkle-free and well-pressed clothing and linens. They are commonly used in households, laundromats, and garment-related businesses. The right ironing board, when paired with a quality iron, can make the ironing process more efficient and effective.