For the first time since NCAA Football 14, fans will be able to play a video game as in either Alabama as well as Ohio State after EA Sports announced on Monday that they were adding the Buckeyes and Mut 22 coins Crimson Tide to its Campus Legends mode.

EA Sports Madden NFL has presented its annual Super Bowl prediction using its "prediction tool":" Madden NFL 22. The simulation concluded it likely that Cincinnati Bengals will take their first Super Bowl, despite lacking home-field advantage. They'll beat the Los Angeles Rams 24-21 in a very close game.

Madden has created a tradition to predict the Super Bowl scores every year. While many see it as an absurdity, history has proven that they have been accurate more often than not since their inception at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. They actually once gave a perfectly accurate prediction when it came to the Patriots along with the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

Here's the precise detail of how Madden 22's Super Bowl game went this year, according to EA.

The first quarter begins "Cincinnati gets first on the board with the aid of a Joe Burrow touchdown pass to Ja'Marr chase, but the Rams quickly answer with a four-yard run by Sony Michel to tie the game."

Third quarter "The only score of mmoexp madden 22 coins the second quarter came just before halftime , on a 32-yard catch and score by Cooper Kupp, giving the Rams an early lead of 14-7 at halftime."