This weapon serves as OSRS GP an update to the iconic Abyssal Whip that was first introduced to RuneScape almost 17 years ago. RuneScape's Yak Track is also returning starting today and running until April 24th, where players will be able to get their hands on Elder Gods themed cosmetic rewards and pets as they participate in fun and challenging tasks all over Gielinor.Old School RuneScape has a number of smithing methods to explore, however using the Blast Furnace is surely one of the best methods to use up your coal. Runescape continues to flourish even after all these years, and Old School Runescape is no exception to its ongoing success. OSRS provides players with that unique nostalgia hit only Jagex can provide, and an original Runescape experience fully preserved for players to explore.

Getting the most you can from your Blast Furnace is vital for your armaments but it does require a few things to be done prior to. Make sure you're stocked up with GP because the following tasks aren't cheap: Begin the quest "The Giant Dwarf" to unlock Keldagrim. You'll require at least sixty smithing (with the exception of boosts) or, alternatively, pay 2500 to the Blast Furnace foreman to smelt bars for 10 minutes. Each hour in the Blast Furnace will use around 80,000 GP which is why you should be prepared.

To lower the cost of entry I would suggest acquiring the Ring of Charos (a). It is recommended to avoid the 'pay' option with it. Blast Furnace foreman because it will invalidate the effect of the ring. This ring is available through The Creature of Fenkenstrain questline.

Bring Ice Gloves to the Blast Furnace will assist when making use of the bar dispenser since they'll cool the bars in a short time for you to pick up. This will reduce time instead of getting buckets of water to cheap RuneScape gold cool the bars (and it will save space in your inventory as well).