Stormveil Castle is the first Legacy Dungeon you can encounter within the Elden Ring, and contains many challenges and dangers, along with an ethereal boss. This page contains guides and walkthroughs for how to Elden Ring Runes access Stormveil Castle, all the treasures and things that can be found within, and tips for exploring the dungeon and the best way to defeat the monsters that lurk there.

How to Reach Stormveil Castle.The Legacy Dungeon Stormveil Castle is easy enough to locate as you will see it on the cliffs when you exit your tutorial dungeon in the Stranded Graveyard and enter Limgrave. Getting to it is another problem.

By taking the roads to the east, you can enter the huge Storm Gate, but be prepared for a multitude of Godrick Soldiers and Crossbowmen waiting behind barricades. As an massive Stonedigger Troll leaps out of the ruin above the small canyon to attack you. This is a difficult fight so you may wish to avoid it by racing through Torrent or going a bit farther East to find a Spiritspring Jump point that will allow you to climb to Storm Hill.

After the narrow canyon's entry point there is an Site of Grace at the Scavenger's Shack. Here visitors will be greeted by the Character Roderika. She'll give you a bit of details about the castle and also The Spirit Jellyfish Ashes to hold to and could eventually proceed to Elden Ring Items the Roundtable Hold.