For some players, Steam Deck has officially released. The constant shortage of chips, the research and development of new technologies has been very challenging, and Steam Deck has not yet become popular.

Valve is always looking for ways to make sure their buyers are interested in what’s going on with their machines, or more precisely, their Steam-compatible games list. Steam Deck isn’t necessarily powerful, but it’s good enough to run existing games. Path of Exile is one of its ever-growing list of games that you can launch via the Steam platform’s software, but is it enough to farm POE Orbs without any rebates?

The Path of Exile experience is still good, featuring common fantasy tropes where you can choose from seven classes, including witch, ranger, and templar, and start building your skill tree and exploring the vast world. This free RPG contains scary dungeons, spells and dungeons that players love. But Valve will have to make the process of playing Path of Exile and buying POE Currency smooth if they want to keep these players. After all, it’s hard enough for players to survive undead and living enemies like ghost pirates and mage mercenaries.

So far Path of Exile has been able to Buy Exalted Orbs,runing on Mac, Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and other game consoles. While it’s unclear when Grinding Gear Games will release the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, that day is expected to come soon.