Use your own storage prior to Lost Ark Gold setting out on a trip to make sure you do not have a full inventory.

In your journey through Lost Ark, you'll come across many bosses and monsters. While these encounters are like a stroll through the park, fighting world bosses can require you to be on top of your game.

The map of the Lost Ark game is comprised of huge continents. Each will be home to bosses players will have to contend with in the course of the game. Its name, the Salt Giant may have a intimidating appearance from the outside however its story reveals the selfless ways it has taken to defend Yudian soil. In the past, Salt Giant was an elemental in its glory times however it had to make a sacrifice by absorbing all the negative energy that came following the fall of Encavia.

Although the elemental was able to come up with the ideal idea of burying itself in the ground to make sure that no person is hurt should anything happens to it, it turned out to be in a state of corruption and Buy Lost Ark Power leveling disintegration when it returned hundreds of years after the incident.