In response to the rumors of Tennessee Titans' star Derrick Henry could take on the world but it's worth noting that he's only 7th NFL running back in league history to run for 2.000 yards in Mut 23 coins one season. It's also the first time ever since Adrian Peterson (a former cover athlete) in 2012. Henry was averaging 2.027 and scored 19 touchdowns this past year.It's also worth noting that whoever gets the thumbs up after Electronic Arts announces the chosen star, they'll likely appear on the cover of more platforms than ever before. After making a return for the PC in the last few years as well as Google Stadia this winter, it seems like Madden nfl 23 could add to the Nintendo Switch to its launch platforms in the coming fall.Franchise Mode Needs the Most Aid

Although Face of the Franchise could be improved The franchise mode is always the one in the middle of the debate whenever the game's players are angry. Much like the original game mode, it doesn't need to be rebuilt from the base. It will require some updates to its quality of living for the launch of this new game successful. It would help if EA invested the same level of attention to authenticity that MLB The Show does with its franchise mode. The Show does not do anything especially fancy, but the game's mode operates as if the players are running a major league front office.

It was the Madden NFL series used to be similar in feel with it's franchise-based mode. In fact, it was so good that it actually birthed an entirely new game which allowed players to experience the feeling of being the head coach and general manager. Strangely enough, it appears to coincide with the time that the gameplay in Madden games was able to be lowered a bit. EA seems to understand that it must bring the rain when it comes in cheap mut 23 coins the Franchise mode. It said as much this year when the community expressed its displeasure with Madden nfl 22.