"We were able to Mut 24 coins anticipate it a little bit earlier because of the roughly 600.000 people who registered for the presale in the past week," Steinforth told German news outlet Ran. Therefore, this pre-sale for the Madden NFL 24's German game has over-performed all expectations."

"At the height, however, there were about 800.000 people waiting in the queue virtual all at one time."Ticketmaster said in the aftermath that they could have sold more than three million tickets. This type of demandregardless of the event or concerts typically seen only at the Super Bowl."

Steinforth added that the event will possibly go down as the most popular in terms tickets demanded that Germany has seen in the last couple of decades. One of the posts seems to confirm Steinforth's claims that literally hundreds of thousands of fans were eager to participate in the event.

Of sure, that excitement led to some pretty long waiting lists for fans who began to post their respective spots at the top of the list on social networks after the auction began earlier this week. 

"Unfortunately we couldn't solve the long, virtual queues. That's more a sign of the amount of people looking forward to the game," Steinforth said about the mostly unanswered requests.

While a vast majority of fans won't be able to attend the Buccaneers-Seahawks game, they will get more opportunities in the coming years. The league will hold another regularly scheduled game for the city of Frankfurt in 2023. In the future, there are plans to cheap madden 24 coins make international matches in Germany an annual occurrence.