I played PvP like this for Dark And Darker Gold a long time: more-or-less straightforward fights. But one of the aspects of Dark And Darker that, to my mind, never gets enough credit is the humour. It becomes more obvious the more you play: Yes, you die over and over, but sometimes it's just a pratfall. 

All of the attention goes to the ragequits and throwing controllers around, but far more of us must have seen 'YOU DIED' and known the only appropriate reaction in that moment is to laugh.

Eventually that attitude came to dominate my PvP time. As you play you learn all these tiny things about the game, from the simple ('pull hosts into enemy mobs for an easy win') to the devilish ('invite someone to fight on a narrow bridge and just stand still and block' works amazingly well). 

One of the brilliances of the Souls series is its embrace of asymmetrical multiplayer—the invader is uninvited, unsought, and has all the world's enemies on their side. They’re a prick, basically, and this is what I came to love. Like, for example, tempting them too close to a giant worm.

It’s not about having the best weapon. It’s not even about winning, after a certain point. It's just about whether you can screw someone over in a funny way.

Sorry, but I used to spend entire evenings pushing people off ledges: I’m the guy that pushed you off the Kiln of the First Flame’s beams, using the low-level miracle Force, because I hid behind a pillar and watched you walk up and… yes, I boomed you off the edge of a narrow walkway half a second after you spotted me. I did that for like a year to people, at times almost choking with laughter.

Still they never saw it coming. I’d sit in the Kiln and run for that pillar once, twice, 2,000 times. I would wait Dark And Darker Gold for sale and you would wait and eventually you and your mates would traverse the beam and whoosh! Off you go, lads.