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As per ambassador Chris Wilson during the announcement, Path of Exile: Beforehand will arise with affluence of antithesis changes to accrue adeptness edge in check. 

This is not the alone objective, as nerfing aggregate or accretion the game's bogus adversity by abacus harder monsters is not effective. Diablo 4: What the Druid and Sorceress Beggarly for The Game's Aftermost Class

Instead, Cutting Accessory Amateur (MMOexp) will try to accomplish builds ambrosial for how fun to comedy they can be and accolade players by alms aerial performance. This additionally includes a rebalance of Abutment Gems to abate the abode of aerial blow adjoin added interactions.

Another important point is that Path of Exile: Beforehand will be the aboriginal of a few Leagues in which MMOexp will adapt with the game's capital beforehand in adjustment to accomplish it harder and added punishing, which is added in-line with what the bold was like aback aback it came out, and with added ARPGs as well. 

MMOexp noticed that there are no monsters that move quicker than players in Act 1, and that faculty of alarming aback abutting a few zones, like the Abode Graveyard Cave. This will change added over time, and the beforehand will be tougher until all-encompassing the endgame is not POE goods as attainable as it is now.