Grinding Gear Games announced some time ago that they are about to release the next Path of Exile expansion on August 19th, codenamed 3.19, called Lake Of Kalandra. The release time of this new expansion on PC/Mac is still different from the release time on PS/XBOX. Game console users are better to use this vacant time to learn more practical 3.19 guides and prepare more POE Currency instead of waiting to play. Otherwise, they will be significantly behind other players who are prepared in advance when they enter the new league.

The ongoing 3.18 Sentinel League will end on August 11th. People who are more inclined to play the new expansion are better off focusing on that, after all, the vast majority of players are complaining about Sentinel League.

As with Path of Exile Expansion before it, players can expect to see new challenge leagues, new league rules and mechanics, and a host of new rewards, which may include rare POE Items. The upcoming expansion may also be aquatic-themed, as GGG has slashed the prices of cash shop hideouts and pets, and stated that our lakeside hideouts will both get a boost before they release their 3.20 expansion, and we can add a sailing friend to our collection.

Path of Exile: Lake Of Kalandra Expansion hits PlayStation and Xbox on August 24. At the same time, if you read this article and are interested in the new content of Path of Exile, you can seek the help of professional Path of Exile service provider POECurrency. There, you can not only get free and kind help, but also use great deals to buy cheap Path of Exile Currency, which is more helpful.