Not long ago, the ratings of some players in FIFA 23 were leaked by netizens. It was leaked by FIFA officials last month that Mbappe would be the highest rated player. And the cover of this FIFA 23 will confirm this statement, Mbappe will once again serve as the cover player of FIFA 23. However, there are also related netizens who broke the news that Messi will be tied for first place with Mbappe, and both will be tied for first place with a high score of 91.

The ratings of a number of Manchester United players have been leaked, many of which were clearly influenced by last season. Of course it is unsurprising that Cristiano Ronaldo is top of the list with 90 points, but 90 points is already the lowest score for Cristiano Ronaldo. Next to Ronaldo is new signing Casemiro, who has an 89 rating. Next up is David De Gea, who has an 87 rating that many don't understand. Although these players are very good, but in terms of game experience, these are secondary. What is more important is the attributes of the team members, and the constant strengthening of their own players. If players want to quickly strengthen their players and strengthen their team, UTnice will be your best choice. You can Buy FUT 23 Coins through UTnice, UTnice's FUT 23 Coins are good and cheap, UTnice is the best choice for new purchases.

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Anthony, 22, has an 82 rating. The young man, just over 20, is currently worth 100 million euros. Although his FIFA rating has only reached 82 points, he still has a lot of room for growth. Secondly, I think there are still a lot of underrated players, such as Diogo Dalot, who has a rating of only 78 points. I think if Diogo Dalot can maintain this state in the new season, his rating will definitely improve a lot. Manchester United also recently challenged Leicester City on Thursday, when there will be plenty of games for fans to watch.

FIFA 23 will also officially meet you in September. In addition to spending some time practicing some game strategies and player skills, the most important thing is to upgrade the player's attributes. Get more legendary players and build a dream team. Of course this will require a lot of FUT 23 Coins. I recommend you to go to UTnice to buy Cheap FIFA Coins directly. UTnice's FUT 23 Coins are not only cheap, but UTnice ships very quickly. UTnice will not let you down!