In the Animal Crossing series of games, each villager will start a conversation with a unique slogan. Usually, when talking with them, there are proverbs at the end of the sentence that reflect the personality or race of the villagers in some way. If the player spends a long time with the villagers, they can become good friends with the villagers, and then the player can customize the slogan. This can help players completely change the tone of their islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


The function of the slogan is different from the greeting in Animal Crossing. The buzzwords in Animal Crossing: New Horizons spread easily among people. If the player chooses to listen to the conversation between two villagers, they may see this sentence spread in some cases. Players should Buy Animal Crossing Bells choose a generic slogan that applies to each species and personality type. Because sometimes, they may just find that different villagers have heard the mantra of another character. For example, giving goat villagers a goat-themed slogan on paper seems like a good idea, but once the cat villagers start repeating it, the concept doesn't apply.

If you are tired of hearing a particular slogan over and over again, or you want to modify a custom slogan once given to villagers, the good news is that Animal Crossing: New Horizons does provide the option to change or delete them. Talking to Isabel at the Resident Service allows players to choose to "discuss the resident", and then they can discuss the question of "the way he/she speaks". This will restore the slogan of a particular villager to their original statement. However, if the player wants to change the slogan to something else, they must wait until the villagers ask them to do so. Fortunately, continuing to talk to residents and maintaining strong friendships can help this opportunity arise more frequently.

The slogan usually appears at the end of the sentence, so it may not be necessary to capitalize the first letter, of course it depends on your personal preference. Under normal Animal Crossing Bells circumstances, friendly slogans are generally intimacy terms, such as Darlin, Honey, Sweetheart/Sweetie, etc. It's worth noting that if you use online games to invite others to participate in your Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, villagers may repeat slogans when talking with visitors.

If you are looking for a slogan that is broader rather than personal, then you can consider using a greeting as a slogan. This may be a good choice for players who often have visitors on the New Horizons island, because the villagers can always be ready to welcome them to talk to them. Of course, the slogan in New Horizons can be anything, and players can customize dozens of sayings or nicknames for the villagers in their dialogues according to their preferences.