Can't wait to play Rocket League with its new pass-platform development feature? It's on its manner, as of the sport's subsequentRocket League Prices  update. When that replace drops, you may be able to proportion your Rocket Pass development, Competitive Rank, and inventory throughout every platform which you play on.

To put together gamers for the brand new hotness, Psyonix took to the professional Rocket League blog to increase upon what type of go-platform benefits are coming with the brand new update. One most important component is the Shared Inventory. For each platform you hyperlink for your Epic Games account, you'll have a Shared Inventory device. However, there might be a few exceptions to the rule that were coated out inside the weblog submit. 

You'll also be capable of use any bought DLC Packs at the equal platform to procure them on. Psyonix is presently operating to make any Premium DLC available across platforms as well, but it might not be feasible as soon because the unfastened-to-play update launches.

There's additionally the chance of player-to-participant buying and selling, a good way to be introduced with the new update. As a degree towards fraud, purchased objects can only be traded on the platform to RL Prices procure them on. Be certain to preserve this in mind, as it may complicate matters in case you plan on buying and selling.