EA has been paving the way for Franchise Mode for the past year. This announcement stated that before the launch of the recent version in August, Franchise Mode may be launched in advance, allowing players to familiarize themselves with this mode in advance. At the same time, the new Madden 21 cover athlete will be exposed, and various bugs in the game will be repaired at the end of this year,, and the game details and special effects will be optimized again.

According to the detailed plan released by EA, many players expressed doubts about the feasibility of Franchise Mode. Some players believe this mode is seriously behind other sports games. EA selected some fan message questions to answer.

The operator stated that in Franchise Mode, players will have the most choices in Madden 21. Players still manage their teams on the original basis, and there is no expansion problem In the face of fans complaining about trading issues for many years, operators said that trading issues have entered the transformation plan as a priority. At present, EA has solved its trade logic problems, but the current effect has not reached expectations. Players can also purchase Madden 21 Coins through the trading platform.

Excellent immersion is the advantage of this Franchise Mode, but the current EA update makes players doubt the game's fun. The performance before and after the game is almost non-existent, and the performance of injuries and midfield is even flatter. If EA can make a good demo video, I believe future updates will still be attractive to players

Countless players have watched the coaching carousel in the community, including older players becoming coordinators, head coaches, etc. This is what players want to see. In the future, many players will coordinate to join Madden 22. Players remember to pay attention to MUT 21 Coins from time to time and are always ready to build their strongest team through trading.