EA has made it clear that it will launch another work, Madden NFL 22, in the long-running football series, but EA has not announced when Madden NFL 22 will officially debut. Although players currently don't know why the release of Madden NFL 22 takes so long, when the game is indeed announced and finally released, it is always interesting to try to find diamonds among rough players. And, players will see his image rise in the process this season, although they may not start with the best evaluation.

When Madden NFL 22 and its cover star finally came to light at the same time, it was time to dive into the details. To be sure, there will be some dark horses running back in this crop. These guys will not be cover players, but it will be fun to play with them in a well-done dynasty. When they were looking for players who could serve as Madden Ultimate Team players, trade or reserve them, no one noticed their running backs.

Travis Etienne joins Madden NFL 22
In the last draft, most of the Jazz's attention was focused on quarterbacks. Their other first-round pick, Etienne may be the one who really stole the limelight. Madden NFL 22 may have broken one of its oldest traditions, but it makes sense that Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne can be the star of the game when the game is finally announced and arrives. In Clemson's four years, Etienne's rushing distance was 5,000 yards, while his rushing times were 50 yards, and he accumulated 70 touchdowns. He also has 152 catches for 1,155 yards and another 8 TDs. It might be interesting to see him in Madden.

Najee Harris wants to prove something in Madden NFL 22
Najee Harris is the first player of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it is certain that he will get the starting position in the real life and video game world. Therefore, Travis Etienne is not the only first-round draft pick who may make noise in Madden NFL 22 player ratings. Harris has a different career than Etienne, but he quickly emerged in the last two seasons of Alabama. In 2020, he rushed the ball 1,466 times, 26 touchdowns, while receiving 44 times, passing 425 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Steelers fans may hope he is the next Le'Veon Bell. If he is, he will be a player in Madden NFL 22.

Javonte Williams can make some noise in Madden NFL 22
Javonte Williams ran for 1,140 yards and 19 touchdowns at North Carolina State University in 2020. Although Williams does not have the pedigree or hype of Etienne or Harris, this does not mean that he cannot be the dark horse of one of the better running backs in the Madden NFL 22. Over the years, this team has encountered some problems in resuming production, so he was not designated as the starter of the Broncos in real life.

If Williams does start on the UTnice depth chart of the real Broncos and shows that he won in the regular season, then his player ratings will rise a lot. He is also one of the people to watch because his initial rating will almost certainly not be that high. If he can surpass Melvin Gordon on the depth map, he may see his Madden NFL 22 rating rise shortly after listing. If you want to know more about the latest news about Madden NFL 22, welcome to visit UTnice.