The first half of Wilson's speech (you can see the entire shindig above) shows Path of Exile 2 (no release date yet). As the player knocks down the enemy wave after wave, the video shows several different weapon styles. If you like before You can also buy POE Currency on the trading website.

The first one wields a spear, which is a new weapon in the path of exile. It is very flexible. By this, I am not saying that it will fail. You can use it as a melee or missile weapon. This flexibility is what Grinding Gear pursues. I also have to ask why Grinding Gear uses spears on other lever arms, because, you know, lever arms are the best.

A variety of pointed weapons may be used. I know that some halberds and other things do not use the exact same attack method, but hope that there is more than just spears in this weapon category," Wilson said. "Part of the reason is that we want them to have a consistent set of skills, which evolved into piercing them into the enemy and being thrown away, etc. The spear alternates between ranged, melee, or both. Therefore, weapons that work like this There are amazingly diverse options, although this does mean that we missed the Badik and Halberd and other types of polearms, maybe we will introduce them later.

The crossbow looks very different from the bow in Path of Exile. The archer went from a piercing shot that penetrated armor to an elemental shot that threw bolts in a wide cone. The crossbow has a satisfying "pop" sound every time it is fired. I asked how Grinding Gear made "thunk" so wonderful.

Sometimes, we do foley work, sometimes we do pre-made sound effects," Wilson said, not sure how the audio crew made this sound. Community manager Bex has a more in-depth answer. "The audio team designed the sound for the crossbow ammunition skill, which contains different sound layers from various sound packages. So it is part of the audio artistry and part of the sound library effect, Bex said. You can view various weapons on a safe and fast trading platform, follow The trend of Buy POE Currency.